Summer 2019 Bucketlist Recap

Hey all! Wow, this is the first lifestyle post since the beginning of summer for me! I really went in on being a book blogger in the last three months, and I absolutely love it. Thank you so much for getting the blog to 60 followers!!

If you weren’t around in June, I posted my Summer Bucketlist as a way to get me through the last few weeks of my freshman year of college. Today, I wanted to revisit that post and see how I did. So let’s do it!

Goal #1: “Read A LOT!”

I set my summer reading goal for 10 books, which in June felt very ambitious for me. I am very happy to say that I exceeded this goal by reading 15 books by the time this post goes live! Here is my entire summer wrap up:

Note: click on the book to go to my review!

Goal #2: “Take independent learning seriously.”

When I wrote this goal, I was specifically thinking about making the most of my Skillshare subscription (that I forgot to cancel before the free trial ended so I paid $99 so you BET I’ll use it).

I’m happy to say that I did! Maybe not as much as I originally planned on in June, but I used it! I’ve been taking classes on video editing with Final Cut Pro (the video editor I use!), podcasting on Adobe Audition CC, and calligraphy. Yay for popular education!

Goal #3: “Get involved.”

Oh yes, the volunteering that never happened. Honestly, there’s no real reason why I didn’t do a lot of volunteering this summer. I guess I never kept track of times things were happening. I spent a lot more time reading, hanging out with friends, and blogging/booktubing than I did on more adult volunteer activities. What’s new, I suck.

Goal #4: “Get mobile!”

I FINALLY DID ITTTTT!!! A month before my 19th birthday in July, I got my driver’s license on June 24th!! This has been a goal of mine since legit 2016. (Again, I suck at being an adult) Unfortunately, I have no pictures of the day I got my license, and I really wish I did. I guess I was so caught up in how impossible it felt and my imposter syndrome was like NO, YOU DON’T DESERVE THIS so I just…didn’t take pictures??

Anyway, a little after I got my license, I also got my first car! Part of me will always be really happy about this accomplishment, but the other part of me will always try to convince me that I didn’t deserve that either. What can I say, I’m a complicated person.

But I’m so grateful.

Goal #5: “If you don’t get involved, get employed!”

I’m just gonna skip right past this one because this didn’t happen either hahaha why am I like this. (But to be fair, I have been applying for scholarships throughout the summer. I just haven’t gotten anything yet).

Goal #6: “Make a YouTube comeback.”

Did somebody say booktube? Because I’m on it! Subscribe to my channel pls. Latest video:

So, there were all of my summer goals and how I did. Like I said, I went really hard on hobbies and passions, but not so much in the whole “I’m an adult” aspect. Oh well. We’ll get em next time.

What were your summer goals and how did you do?

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