About Me

Meet the blogger

Hi there, welcome to my space! I’m Cierra, a 22-year-old girl who is currently split between calling rainy Oregon and sunny Southern California home.

I graduated from Oregon State University in June 2022 with a B.S. Environmental Science and a specialization in Applied Ecology. My passions lie in nature photography, animals (I’m vegan!), and obviously, reading. When I’m not reading/doing homework or outside taking pictures, you can find me cuddling my dogs or writing/designing posts for this blog!

About the blog

Cierra’s Cynosure was established in December 2015 after a little bit of soul searching for my next hobby. It mainly consists of book reviews and bookish resources created by me, with a little bit of my life sprinkled in on big occasions. The entire website is created and designed by me, powered by WordPress. Cierra’s Cynosure was originally hosted on Wix, and I migrated it to WordPress in August 2019.

Thanks so much for visiting my corner of the internet. Keep reading!