Review Guidelines

Review Guidelines

I rate books on a typical five-star scale. Here is my breakdown:

5 stars: this book has distinct, memorable characters, a meaningful plot, and an abundance of “oh gosh, I love this” quotes for reviews. I can recommend this book for a variety of reasons. This book pushed me out of my literary comfort zone or taught me something new. I can refer back to it for its writing style, themes of social commentary, etc.

4 stars: this book was very close to perfection, but there are one or two things that are bugging me. Usually a pacing or plot issue. (For example, I found portions of the book to be slow and/or predictable, but still very well executed). Nevertheless, I can still recommend this book for a variety of reasons, and refer back to it frequently.

3 stars: a neutral review. I did not love this book, but I also did not dislike it. There are plot issues of predictability and memorability that negatively impacted my reading experience, though overall, I am still able to say I enjoyed it. I might recommend this book, but for limited reasons.

If you are an author/publisher that has contacted me for a requested review: I will contact you about how to precede if I feel inclined to rate the book anything less than 3 stars. Please note: if you request that the review not be posted on my blog in this event, I will still rate the work how I see appropriate on Goodreads, meaning 2 stars or less.

2 stars: the book has many issues of plot, pacing, and/or character and world development. Many details were left unexplored. I am struggling to remember the major takeaways of the book. I am unable to recommend this book for anything other than its genre or major theme.

1 star: I DNF’d this book. There are countless issues with plot, pacing, and both character and world development. The book is problematic and/or poorly handles problematic social issues. In all, I did not enjoy this book. I am unable to recommend this book to anyone.

I also rate books based on:

chapter length, character quality, plot, pacing, plot cliche/predictability, and the book’s ability to start a conversation.

Here’s my break down for these factors:

Chapter length: I am a working college student who is always on the hunt for time. I strongly prefer books with shorter chapter lengths because they allow me to progress faster in smaller pockets of time. Please be mindful of this if you offer your book for a review.

Characters: I connect to stories through unique characters. If characters feel artificial, indistinguishable, or disposable, I lose interest and begin to disconnect from the book. A strong character tells a strong story.

Plot pacing: There is a fine balance when it comes to plot progression. I dislike books that drag, but I am also sensitive to a plot being slow for the sake of world and character development. Pacing does not have to spot on for a good rating, but it is important to me as a reader.

Cliche/predictability: I’m all for a cute cliche or two, especially in contemporaries. However, a book riddled with cliches feels unoriginal and irritating. As for predictability, it is one thing to predict a single plot twist, but an entirely other thing to predict the major plot twist/ending of the book. Nevertheless, I don’t tend to comment on these aspects unless I rate the book two stars or less.

If you are an author/publisher that has sent/wishes to send me a poetry book for review: I rate poems based on accessibility (how complex the poems are), relateability (how connected I felt to the contents/theme of the poems), and length (I still prefer short, concise works opposed to long ones) in the place of the above aspects.

With these conditions being read and understood, if you are a publisher who would like to request a review from me, make my day and send a request my way! The easiest way to contact me is via the contact form on the contact me page. Any requested reviews are indicated in brackets on my review index page. A disclaimer/general note will be provided within the review that I received the book from you in exchange for the review.