Summer 2019 Bucket List

With 3 weeks left of my freshman year to go, summer simultaneously feels like it’s right around the corner (!!!), yet oh so far away all at once. My brain wants nothing more than to go into full vacation mode despite my last upcoming midterm for chemistry and then finals. Yes, quarter system, I’m glaring at you.

So, I figured the best way to keep sprinting towards this June 14th finish line would be to make a post compiling all of my summer bucket list items! Realistically, I know I can’t get everything I want to do done in three months, but dangit, I’m gonna try.

#1: Read A LOT!

Picking up my reading game is soooo important to me this summer. I feel like my reading progress this year so far has been at a snail’s pace, and I know I can definitely do better. With more reading comes more reviews as well, so likewise, I’m looking forward to ramping up my blogging game too!

It’s a lil ambitious for me, especially not knowing what exactly the next three months for me holds, but I’ll put it out there anyway: my reading goal for summer 2019 is 10 books. Can I do it?! I’ll check back in with you guys about it in September!

#2: Take independent learning seriously.

*Note: I am in no way sponsored to talk about this on my blog! I’m just really personally excited about it!

I’m pretty sure if you listen to Podcasts or watch certain YouTubers, you’ve heard of SkillShare before. If not, it’s an online learning community that has thousands of classes about everything ranging from Photoshop and photography to learning Excel and other softwares. This summer, I’m really excited to get into learning Excel and other Microsoft softwares on SkillShare, because I know it’s a really good skill to have professionally! I also want to jump into classes on calligraphy and blogging!

#3: Get involved.

One of my biggest goals this summer is to seek out opportunities for professional development. That may make me sound like I know what I’m doing, but I assure you—-I don’t LOL. For this reason, I’m starting small: I’ve reached out to different nonprofit organizations in my city at home for volunteering/internship opportunities in hopes of getting a yes somewhere. Also, someone who has connections with different environmental groups in my hometown said she’d circulate my resume and information about me, so fingers. crossed. It would be so amazing to me if by the end of summer I can say I’ve been apart of a community project or effort or momentum dealing with environmental issues!

#4: Get mobile!

Ah yes, it is I, the almost 19-year-old that still doesn’t drive. Literally guys, if you go back in my blog to my 2016 new year resolutions post, you’d see that this whole driver’s license thing has been a WIP for over three years. 2019 WILL be the year—–mark my words. I have a DMV appointment set for June 24th at 8:30 in the morning and I WILL walk out of that office with my license.

#5: If you don’t get involved, get employed!

Since I have ultimately opted to not take classes online this summer, I’ve decided that if I’m not doing school or committed to volunteering, I’m getting a job. It’ll keep me from feeling like I’m wasting my days, and also will help financially prepare for my fall tuition bill.

#6: Make a YouTube comeback.

Once upon a time, I was known on YouTube as hamsterfanatic26. I was an animal channel and made videos on the pets I had, from dogs to fish to hamsters and guinea pigs. I kinda grew up on that channel to be honest. To this day, despite the cringe I feel when I hear my own voice, I’m still proud of that channel and I really enjoyed making those videos. Nevertheless, after I posted my last video in 2017, I felt like that chapter of my life that had finally closed.

Until recently.

If you saw my Altbreak Experience blog post, you’d know that I made a vlog of that whole trip! I had SO MUCH FUN making that video, and it entirely relit the flame I have for making videos and being on YouTube even after I thought the fire had long died out. Because of that, I’m itching to get back into YouTube, but this time, as a planner/booktube channel.

Listen, I have no idea how this is gonna go, but all I know is I really want to try. This has been on my mind ever since I got back from spring break, and I’ve decided to give it space and allow it to become instead of disavow it because of doubt. I’m not looking to get huge in three months, I’m just looking to put time and energy into something that I am really passionate about and can be proud of. Whenever I get all of the channel details together and the first video is live, I will let you all know about it right here on the blog! (And on my Instagram!

So there ya have it!

My summer 2019 bucket list is bold and beautiful and I can’t wait to start on it! Now, excuse me while I go force myself to zone back into my not-summer current reality and study for my chemistry midterm (cries). Let me know if you have a summer bucket list as well below in the comments, and I’ll see you back here on Friday! – Cierra ❤︎

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