Author Interview with Phoebe Ritter (Daughter of the Zel Trilogy) || Writing Main Characters With Integrity

Hi everyone! Today I am very excited to be talking with Phoebe Ritter, the author of the Daughter of the Zel trilogy. If you were on the blog in the fall, you know that I read and reviewed the entire trilogy and absolutely loved it. The series is short yet substantial, and I made sure to tell you all the full details in each review. Check them out:

After reading and reviewing her books, I instantly yearned for a look inside the mind behind the magic. Lucky for us, Phoebe was happy to let me have such a peak! So, here’s Phoebe Ritter on her YA fantasy trilogy, Daughter of the Zel.

Phoebe Ritter is the indie author behind the Daughter of the Zel trilogy, a story about a girl with an immensely powerful ability trying to find her place in the world while teaching readers to choose people they want in their lives carefully. She’s spent her years living in North Wales, UK where she can be found spending time with her family, friends and dog when she’s not writing your next favorite story. Follow her on Twitter here!

What did you come up with first: the title of your book or the idea of your book?

Phoebe: The idea. I had a sort of a vague idea of things I wanted in the book and how I wanted the story to go and it developed from there as I was writing. If I’d have realized quite how many ‘Daughter of” titles were out at the time, I might have called it something else!

Since you are an author of multiple works, which one of your books would you say you are most proud of and why?

I think Choice of the Sezel, the final book in the trilogy. I was so proud of getting the first book complete and published, but I can see a progression in my writing and I think Choice is the strongest book.

When you write your characters, do you add elements of your own personality into them or their lives?

Oh definitely. Sometimes they’re the best qualities, sometimes they’re not. If you read a sarcastic comment, then you’re reading me.

I write fantasy so obviously there is a lot which is pure fiction. However, in my recent contemporary fantasy short story, Rend, I was able to put some personal thoughts and feelings into the writing at parts. I find writing really cathartic.

What do you hope readers take away from reading your work?

In the Daughter of the Zel series, I hope they see the progression of the MC. I wanted to show it’s alright not to know what you want for the rest of your life when you’re young and how your priorities can change as you get older and wiser.

Describe your perfect writing mood. What kind of environment gets you most ready to write?

Comfy trousers, hair up, quiet, with Haribo and caffeinated soft drinks as my fuel. I know I should be sitting in a window nook, cup of tea by my side, tapping my chin thoughtfully with a fountain pen, but my writing environment isn’t glamorous. Writing is pretty much me sat in front of a blank screen until it’s not blank anymore.

I’ll get writer’s block like anyone else, but recently I’ve been trying writing exercises recommended by Neil Gaiman in his Masterclass to make sure I’m actually getting content out, even if it’s not going to get used on any of my current projects.

Do you have a WIP? Any sneak peaks for readers?

I’m working on a couple of different things at the moment – I really should focus on just one. The most complete is a 100K YA fantasy involving parallel worlds, amazing abilities and a dose of historic living (think swordplay and horse riding). I’ve used my love of the North Wales countryside in the description of the locations and hope that comes across when I put it out there.

Thanks so much to Phoebe for allowing us all to have a glimpse inside her mind and life! It has been a pleasure collaborating with her, and I am definitely waiting for that epic WIP she mentioned! If you’d like to support her, follow her on Twitter and buy her books on Amazon.

Thank you for reading!

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