Top 5 Wholesome Romances Just in Time for V-day

Though romance is often the center of young adults book at some point or another of the plot, it’s not always done well. I have a select few books that I recall feeling second-hand, giddy shyness at a blossoming romance within a book, and those are the ones I always reach for when I need a little bit of wholesomeness in my life.

Here are my top 5 books featuring a wholesome romance just in time for U.S. Valentines day!

SPIN THE DAWN: What epic, seemingly impossible journey with a handsome and mysterious guy wouldn’t warrant a romance along the way?

HER ROYAL HIGHNESS: One of the very few enemies to lovers romances I actually bought into. What happens when a girl running from a broken heart becomes roommates with a Scottish princess?

GIRLS OF PAPER AND FIRE: Two girls kidnapped from their villages and forced to be the king’s concubines. Or, at least they’re supposed to be. The king’s got another thing coming.

DON’T READ THE COMMENTS: Super cute and popular girl gamer/streamer becomes the target of cyber harassment and bullying. However, not everyone on the internet is out to get her, and a certain boy is determined to make that clear.

DASH & LILY’S BOOK OF DARES: A 2010 classic. A girl searching for love in New York City decides to put any potential matches to the test. She hides a red moleskin notebook in her favorite bookstore with a set of instructions. Anyone brave enough to take the bait will be lead her way, and luckily, he’s up for the challenge.

Have you read any of these books? How would you rate their romances on a scale of 1-5? let’s talk! Happy early val/galentines day!

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