Recommend Me a Series That: Features an Amazing Character ARC

Recommend Me a Book That: is a series on the blog I started back in May of this year. It’s essentially a mini-book review of a book nominated by me for a certain feature/theme it holds. You can see more of the books I’ve recommended in this series and why here.

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Depending on when this goes live (gotta love prewriting and scheduling posts), it’s either been quite a while or no time at all since I completed the Daughter of the Zel trilogy by Phoebe Ritter. But regardless of when you’re seeing this, my opinion stands tall: these books are amazing.

Why should you read this series?

Like the title of this recommendation, the main character in the DOTZ series, Efa, exhibits phenomenal character growth between book one and book three. I mean honestly, the girl is the epitome of a round character. Phoebe did such a great job at characterization of Efa, and this series truly depicts what it’s like to evolve as a person and find your path in life.

Also: this book holds important themes of violence and war histories between two countries and how it affects the lives of their citizens. It can serve as a unique intersection between fiction and reality, since some of the contents of this book closely resembles real current conflicts, such as Hong Kong’s uprising against China.

Overall, if you’re looking for a fantasy series that is not super long (3 books; 200-300 pages each), and you’re in the mood for a MC that you can grow with, then the Daughter of the Zel trilogy is the perfect fit for you.

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