🍂 Blogtober Week Three 🍂

We’ve officially passed the half way mark of blogtober everyone! Woohoo!

Blogtober is a blog series hosted by Anniek from Anniek’s Library and Hâf from The Library Looter. Hover over their names to check out their blogs!

As I was making this banner I realized that I was indeed missing my favorite reading/writing blog posts drink! I love a hot chai latte when reading or blogging. Especially during this time of the year. (I go with iced chai latte in the summer/spring!)

Orange is a color that doesn’t show up on my shelf all that often! Most recently, the only orange books I have are Illuminae and Daughter of the Zel. BUT I also have two Seekers and one Survivors books that are orange as well at home!

I am wayyyy too much of a spook to read paranormal anything in books! Needless to say then, I’ve never read a paranormal romance and can’t recommend one 😅

My current read is Caraval by Sephanie Garber. Honestly, I’m only 30% into it by the time this post goes live, so I’m not sure what aesthetics represent the plot yet! Maybe I’ll include a mood board in my review of the book once I am finished, we’ll see.

If I had to be a villain in a book, I’d want to be Queen Razel from the kingdom of Illucian in The Storm Crow. She’s so fierce and wildly evil, and even though I hate her from Anthia’s perspective, I also…love her?? Confliction! Confliction!


The only murder mystery I ever recall reading is And Then There Were None. No joke. I was supposed to read There’s Someone Inside Your House for a high school book club, but that never really happened and I donated the book. Did I mention I don’t like scary things in books?

If I were doing these posts daily, this post would go up on a Wednesday.

My class schedule for this term of college is very relaxed because 3/4 of my classes are online! So Wednesdays typically look like me waking up, having breakfast, doing homework, and going to my one class of the day (biology) at 1 PM. After that, I tend to go to the gym and continue getting things done until one of my friends ultimately steals my attention and I hang out with them for a few hours. Here’s a photo of what my ginormous biology lecture room looks like from Google:

I started to answer this prompt by saying how boring I must sound because I’ve never read a book with a demonic character, but that’s not true! I mean, this is kind of a spoiler, so watch out The Young Elites by Marie Lu…

Enzo. Enzo becomes a demonic character when Adelina brings him back from the dead.

AND KILLED MY HEART IN DOING SO. *Coughs* Did you hear something?

Yay! Post 3/4 is done! Thanks for reading, and see you next Friday for the last round of my version of blogtober!

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