This or That: Bookish Edition

Hi all! Today I’m doing a this or that tag but bookish edition! I didn’t get these questions from a specific source, these are just questions I came up with that I know I can attest to in my own reading experience. Here we go!

Although I read both, I definitely prefer physical books. eBooks are great and are the common formats that I receive ARCs in, but physical books are better because A) they are easier to take pictures of, and B) are more readily remembered.

The question of a lifetime! I think it really depends on if the book is apart of a series or a standalone. I tend to buy hard covers for series and paperbacks for standalones. Also: hard covers are just too expensive to buy exclusively, ya feel?

Related to the last question, it really depends. As you all know, I am a diehard fan of TATB and TYE series, but most of my books are standalones. Therefore, I think my preference is standalones.

Okay, so this one is funny to me. I really, really try to do both.

You know those nights where you’re tired and you want to rest but you also want to read? This happens to me all the time, and I give reading in bed my absolute best shot, but I just can’t do it! It’s like I want to lay down, but then I don’t want to hold the book over my face because my arms get tired.

Then, I flip around on my stomach, but after awhile my back hurts from the curvature.

Next I try just plain ol’ sitting upright, but I then I have the urge to lay down again! Reading in bed is just something I cannot do. Maybe it’s a personal quirk of mine, but I am team reading while sitting in a chair all the way.

I am definitely a person that prefers short reads. Although I am loving every page of Becoming by Michelle Obama, which is what I’m currently reading, I am 300 pages in and #tired. I’m a periodic advocate of TL;DR, so short reads all the way.

I’m trying to do both of these this year. Up until this year I have been almost exclusively a fiction reader if a nonfiction book wasn’t mandated by school, but honestly, this year has had me gravitating more towards nonfiction books if I’m being honest. I guess my current reading mood is a book that is both the fun and entertainment that I typically get out of fiction books, but also the wisdom and life experience that only nonfiction seems to satisfy for me.

My Instagram bio doesn’t say YA fanatic for nothing — I am most definitely a contemporary reader. (I apologize in advanced to all of the people who just clutched their hearts and asked how I could possibly not love Jane Eyre as much as A Court of Roses.)

I have never actually been apart of a book club before! Well, that’s kind of a lie–I participated in the Bibiliophile Academy’s April readalong of Wink, Poppy, Midnight a few years back, but that’s the extent of book club experience I have. (ALTHOUGH I WOULD DEFINITELY LIKE TO PARTICIPATE IN A BOOK CLUB READALONG IF ANYONE KNOWS OF ONE.) *cough* so, yeah. Mostly a soloist, but 110% would change if necessary.

What type of reader are you? Do you agree? Disagree? Relate to my inability to read in bed? Let me know! Until Sunday! -Cc ❤︎

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