A Day in My Life | Sunday Morning Routine

Hi all! For this Sunday’s blog post I decided to take a step back from the bookish posts to regenerate more ideas for next week. Instead, I wanted to bring you all along today and do a day in my life of my Sunday morning routine! Sundays hold a solid ritual for me because they are the transition into the next week, and usually are days that I try to use to get ahead on school work due early in the week. It’s also #selfcareSunday for me 🙂 So, here’s how it goes.

So obviously, every weekend is different. If you would’ve asked me what my Sunday routine was like last weekend, I would’ve told you scrambling to get out of my dorm at 8:45 in the morning to go meet up with my club members to do volunteer work! Although this weekend hasn’t been as busy, this Sunday morning for me is a lil different because I have a lot to get done between now and bedtime. Nevertheless, I’m trying to remember that no matter what I will always have time and what doesn’t get done today will get done soon.

First things first:

tea/coffee and yoga

I have to admit that I have been guilty for not

being on my mat as frequently in the past month, but I’d like to say it’s because I’ve picked up the ritual of going to the gym 3 times a week after my last class of the day. Although a gym session may not sound as zen as yoga (and definitely isn’t), it still does the trick for helping me ease my anxiety, so I haven’t felt the need to be on the mat as much. Nevertheless, I try to be on it for at least 20 minutes on the weekend, setting a 20 minute timer using the app “Forest”, throwing on my “Favorite Chill” playlist on Spotify, and just flow.

Hair care routine

This part of my Sunday is especially crucial because it is a long, time-consuming process (4c hair is NO JOKE). For the last couple of months, I have been washing my hair with a mixture of apple cider vinegar and Aztecs Healing Indian Clay. It’s essentially a clay mask for my hair that softens and detangles it, making it SO much easier to work with. I stumbled upon this routine on accident, trying it once for the heck of it and the being dumbfounded by how well my hair reacted. I can happily say that it’s going well and I’m avoiding plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles! Win-freaking-win. After I wash the clay out, I deep condition it for 30 minutes with a shower cap on, and then rinse that out, and then do my normal hydrate and seal routine. Like I said, this crown takes WORK. But I love her, so she’s worth it.


As I mentioned, I let my hair deep condition for 30 minutes before hauling myself back to the showers to rinse the conditioner out. I’m not sure about you all, but I’ve come to view “30 minutes” as “20 minutes with 10 minutes tacked on.” AKA: 30 minutes zip by so fast that I really can’t throw myself at a task on the to-do list before it’s over. So instead of trying to race through my to-do list (that is still untouched by this time), I just try to get some reading in. I am currently 355/470 pages through Becoming, and honestly, it’s been such an incredible book. It’s a weird one for me though, because I’m not sure if I’m even in the position to review it, y’know? How do you “review” the life of the First Lady? Still conflicted—-will update soon.


Anyone who lives in a dorm can attest that

laundry on Sundays is no joke. The #1 goal is to get in and get out quickly enough to not irritate anyone or provoke them to take your clothes out of the washer/drier because you forgot about them. (I have personally witnessed this happen!!) So I try to go in early enough to get a washer and have some kind of a grace period if I take a little longer than 45 minutes to get back downstairs to it. Today is bedding wash day!

Breakfast and getting to it

After all of the above is taken care of, I finally wind my way downstairs to the dining hall to get breakfast and begin prepping myself to attack the to-do list. Today I had some cinnamon granola with blueberries, banana, and almond milk (100% best breakfast ever), and now I’m off to schedule this post and start checking boxes in my planner! My to-do list isn’t long for today, but really time-consuming, so I’m ready to start getting it done!

Thanks all for reading and coming along on my Sunday morning routine! If you have a routine, tell me how it goes below! See you on Tuesday!

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