Defining Bookish Acronyms

Hey all! If you’re anything like me, you sometimes find yourself googling bookish acronyms you see when scrolling through bookstagram or reading reviews on Goodreads. Today I thought I’d put a dent in the confusion of bookish acronyms, because sometimes they get a little out of hand. Here we go!

#1: “RTC”

“RTC” stands for “review to come.” It is typically used as a placeholder for reviews on Goodreads when the reviewer hasn’t completed the full review of the book in question yet, but wants to mark the book as read to make progress on their reading challenge.

#2: “TBR”

“TBR” stands for “to be read.” It is the primary way bookstagrammers like to mark a book that they’re interested in reading at a future time!

#3: “DNF”

“DNF” stands for “did not finish.” It is an acronym used when a book was found to be so distasteful it wasn’t worth pushing through to the very last page. As you can see from my Goodreads, I don’t DNF books very often, but when I do, it’s typically because the book is way too cliche or stereotypical and/or dull.

#4: “YA”

As funny as it would be, “YA” is not just bookstagrammers yelling “yes” at you. Instead, “YA” stands for “young adult” which is a popular genre of book. As you can see from my Instagram bio, I am indeed a YA fanatic.

#5: “NA”

Similar to YA being an acronym for young adult genre books, “NA” stands for “new adult” genre books. I don’t usually read NA books, but this acronym definitely exists!

#6: “OTP”

Okay, this one is probably not as mysterious as the others, but you never know. “OTP” stands for “one true pairing,” and it is a reader/writer way to show fondness of a fictional (or literal!) couple. I honestly haven’t read a book that has made me say this acronym in a long time, but hey, I’ll put it out there anyway.

#7: “GR/GRC”

Screenshot from a recent post of mine!

I say this one a lot! “GR” or “GRC” stands for “Goodreads or Goodreads challenge.” Y’know, that thing that I’m kinda failing at right now….moving on.

#8: “BOTM”

“BOTM” stands for “book of the month.” It is a popular book subscription service that allows you to pick your BOTM!

#9: “ARC/eARC”

I touched on this one in my most recent book review, but these acronyms all refer to “(electronic) advanced reader’s copy.” You see these acronyms in book reviews when the reviewer has been sent an early copy of a book from a publisher in exchange for a review.

There’s probably other acronyms that I didn’t get to in this post, so if you know of more, comment below! Until Friday! ❤︎

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