Recommend Me a: 2020 Release You Should Have on Your TBR

2019 was the year I discovered NetGalley, and let’s just say, it opened so many doors for 2020.

Out of the four YA 2020 ARCs I was approved for and read during December, there is one that I will talk about at least two more times here on the blog and maybe on my channel as well.

Here is one of many 2020 release that you should definitely have on your TBR.

|| Goodreads synopsis ||

Don’t Read the Comments is an absolutely phenomenal book about online friendships and online harassment. It is filled with so many valuable conversations such as sexism in online content creation, virtual privacy, online persona vs real life character, and how you never know what someone who you watch online is going through in real life.

This book is the paragon of great character building as well as a case study for meaningful and realistic character interactions. I sped through this book in 2 days over my holiday break because it was that good. I also pre-ordered the book immediately after I read it, since I know that this is a book I want to own and re-read in physical format some day. (Side note: buying a book even after you got it for free should speak to its quality!)

You will see more of my thoughts on Don’t Read the Comments in my full review, which will be posted on the book’s release day, January 28th, 2020.

And between you and I, I’m very excited to include photos of the goodies coming with the pre-order campaign. If you want to see them, don’t miss out!

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