Book Review Keyword Listicle 2.0

After writing my first book review keyword listicle, I realized that this idea could be replicated multiple times with different themes for the word sets featured. So today, we’re creating another listicle centered around the theme of expressing the need for improvement.

The following sets of words are adjectives that express disappointment for world-building, writing style, and character development.

If you’ve ever searched for the right constructively critical adjective for a review, may you find it here.

Absent: minimal/non-existent

Abstruse: difficult to understand; obscure.

Colorless: lacking in sensory detail and/or diversity representation

Inundating: overwhelming with things/characters to keep track of

Two-dimensional: lacking in immersive sensory details; flat

Aimless: without purpose or direction

Crutch-reliant: minimally experiments with creative expression of emotions/actions.

Example: “I let out the breath I didn’t know I was holding”

Disorienting: evokes feelings of being lost/confused of the plot or purpose of the story line

Forced: writing that feels unnatural

Example: peculiar and unrealistic dialogue between characters

Inattentive: failed to attend to your comfort or wishes or expectations

Aberrant: departing from the accepted standard; different

Flat/static: does not grow throughout the story; lacks emotional depth.

Idiosyncratic: quirky or peculiar

Impetuous: acting without thought or care

Inept: having or showing no skill; clumsy

And now you hopefully have 15 new words to possibly work into your book reviews! Let’s chat: do you like/plan to use any of the words featured? What should the next listicle’s theme be for the word sets?

2 thoughts on “Book Review Keyword Listicle 2.0

  1. Ooh I love this! Sometimes even within a review I find myself repeating words let alone what I do across multiple reviews. There are some awesome suggestions here – thanks!


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