Down the TBR Rabbit Hole: Re-Evaluating Summer 2019 Additions!

Despite the fact that I’ve been on Goodreads for nearly four years now, I think this past summer was really a peak in my “add to to-be-read shelf” tendencies.

And honestly? I’m tired of having so many books on that shelf.

So today, we’re going through 15 books I added to my TBR this summer (July-August) and re-evaluating if what I was interested in reading six months ago is still interesting to me now. Let’s do this!

Current TBR shelf count: 91 books.


THE COINCIDENCE OF COCONUT CAKE: I added this book to my TBR solely because I got a free version of it from downloading the app Glose. I also featured this book in my Down the TBR video I did this summer and said I’d keep it for that reason. But since it has remained unread for six months now, I think it’s time to go.

WILDER GIRLS: The hype around this book 100% made me want to read it. But honestly? I feel like I’ve basically read it after reading/watching all of the reviews I have. Also, the cover freaks me out.

MEET ME AT MIDNIGHT: Not gonna lie, I added this book to my TBR because the author was doing an ARC giveaway Instagram. I’m not invested in the synopsis enough to buy it myself so…

WHAT IF IT’S US: A contemporary meet-cute story in New York??? Say less!! I’m still SO excited about this book and I will definitely get to it in 2020!

THE POPPY WAR: I’m still intrigued by this book and the way that race is seemingly important to the plot of this book based on the synopsis. There’s also the cultural and historical aspects of the book that I’d like to learn from. However, I’ve been warned over and over again that this book is really dark, and I’m not sure if I want to deal with a really dark fantasy anytime soon. Maybe I’ll cross paths with this book in the future, but for now:


STAR-CROSSED: I added Star-Crossed to my TBR in lieu of a hunt for more astrology-inspired books. (I’m still looking for an astrology romance book that will make me swoon as hard as Summer of Supernovas by Darcy Woods did!) Though this book has very mixed reviews on Goodreads, I’m still willing to take a chance on it.

PATSY: This book still sounds like such an incredible story and I’m still very excited to analyze and learn from it! I’m not sure when I will get to it, but I know I still want to read it eventually!

CROWN OF CORAL AND PEARL: I’m getting so many Girls of Paper and Fire vibes from re-reading the synopsis of this book again. Though it’s gotten really good reviews on Goodreads, I have a suspicion that I would feel like was reading a different version of the same book. Maybe after I finish Girls of Storm and Shadow and some time has passed, I’ll reconsider reading this book.

HERE AND NOW AND THEN: I added this to my TBR when I followed the author on Twitter and was intrigued by the synopsis. However, looking back now, the whole time travel trope is just not something I’m interesting in reading about anymore.

SPEAK THE OCEAN: Once again, this book came onto my list in lieu of a hunt for more books about the ocean/mermaids. But between then and now, I have come across multiple other books that feature these things, and I’m more excited to read those than Speak the Ocean. So unfortunately, I’m gonna let this one go.


EVERYTHING I NEVER TOLD YOU: I impulse added this to my TBR after I read Little Fires Everywhere and decided I needed more from Celeste Ng! This book still screams the carefully crafted and emotionally intense writing that Ng hooked me in with, and I definitely still want to read it.

WAR GIRLS: I. Will. Read. This. Book. In. 2020. Black author, black girls in scifi, black representation.

TRUTH SEER: I am so fascinated by the concept of being able to see the truth. I have no idea how that works or if there are any sacrifices involved with being able to use the ability, but I want to find out!! Also: this book is set in Kenya. Yes! Please get me out of Western culture for a little while.

THE BONE WITCH: I saw this book featured in one of Amber from Readinfinitely’s reading vlogs and added it to my TBR. I’m still IN LOVE with what the synopsis of this book promises, and I definitely want to take a chance on this series.

WOLF LIGHT: This book features one of my favorite tropes ever: human-animal shape shifting. Also: elemental magic! It’s also promised to have a really important theme of environmental conservation and protection. Mixing my life’s purpose (hello environmental science degree) and my bookish hobbies? Say less!

# of books at the beginning: 91

# of books at the end: 84

# of books deleted: 7

# of books kept: 8

I think I did pretty well! How many books do you have on your GR TBR shelf? Let me know!

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