I Have an Announcement to Make!

Hi all! Super short but EXCITING post for this week’s Thursday blog. Basically…I’ve been keeping secrets. A secret.

To quote a majestic Taylor Swift: are you ready for it?

October 15th, I was contacted by someone at Penguin Teen to become a #PenguinTeenPartner!!

I was FLOORED when I received this email! I wish you all could have heard the conversation (AKA 20 minutes of nonstop squeals) I had with my godmother on the phone when I found out.

The first partnered post I am doing with Penguin is an Instagram activation for Amanda Joy’s debut novel River of Royal Blood. It would help me out SO MUCH if you all would head over to my Instagram and like that partnered post! I’d like to show both Penguin and Amanda just how excited I am about this opportunity, so please please please help me in doing so!

So…yeah! I’m a Penguin Teen Partner now!! 🐧📚

At the moment this post goes live, I’m vlogging for Sunday’s booktube video where you will actually see me opening the package I got from Penguin Teen as well as reading River of Royal Blood! So if that’s something exciting for you, I’d also appreciate if you’d check out my booktube channel! Here’s the most recent video I uploaded:

As always, thank you all so much for reading and be sure to watch out for the full review for River of Royal Blood when I am done reading it, as well as a booktube discussion video! Until next time, friends 🖤

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