Popular YA Books I've Never Read

If I thought my defying bookish trends post was going to get me exiled from the bookish community…this one just might do it.

Hi all! For this lovely Friday, I’m choosing to expose myself as probably THE most uncultured YA bookworm there is. I know I just about talked your ear off in that post as I shouted “you don’t have to keep up with contemporaries to be a bookstagrammer!!!” But I mean…some of the books I’m about to list are basically foundations of the YA book genre, and I haven’t read them. Sorry in advanced.

Alright, let’s do it…I guess. Why am I doing this again?

#1: Fangirl ~ Rainbow Rowell

I think I want to start off with the worst of them all to get it over with. It is true, I have never read Fangirl. Honestly before making this post I didn’t even really know what this book was even about, I just knew that it was insanely popular in the bookish community early on (and still kinda is!). This is actually one of the highest rated contemporary YA books on the genre tag on Goodreads, so I know it was well received.

After reading the synopsis, this sounds like a book I would’ve really liked to read way back in September as I was just starting college, since it’s about…

Y’know what, who am I kidding? I bet 99% of you reading are screaming at me for not reading it, so I don’t need to explain what it’s about or leave the synopsis. Moving on.

#2: Eleanor and Park ~ Rainbow Rowell

Surprise, it gets worse!Not only have I never read Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, I’ve never read Eleanor and Park either. Honestly, spare me your judgement because trust me I’m already taking care of it for myself @ myself.

But wait, it gets worse, worse: I’m not even sure that I would like this book.

Maybe this is my genre preference shifting, maybe I’m just not currently in the mood for it, or maybe I’m just sick of the damn high school lovers trope, but the synopsis did not make my heart leap with anticipation and guilt for never reading it before. Fangirl maybe a little bit, but not E&P… I’M SORRY.

I feel like how James Charles feels right now. Don’t #cancel me. MOVING ON.

#3: Love & Gelato ~ Jenna Welch

Okay…maybe it gets a little easier from here on…maybe.

Love & Gelato is a book that I’ve seen a lot on bookish instagram. Maybe not recently, but definitely a few years back. Again, I had never even read the synopsis for L&G before making this post, so I had no idea what it was about.

And again, honestly, not really dying to read it? It sounds like a nice, light-hearted,summery read that may make me put Italy on my traveling bucket list, so maybe for that reason I’d read it, but other than that, I just…dunno.

#4: Anna and the French Kiss ~ Stephanie Perkins

When I see this book on bookstagram, I typically see it next to other books from the entire series. For that reason, I get a sense that this book series to most people is probably what the Seeker series was to me as a kid: comforting, and full of happy nostalgia. Let me know if I’m right!

Anyway, I always admired this series from afar because of the cute, matchy titles and names, but never got around to reading it. Maybe it’s because I hold this preference for standalone books unless a series really interests me, or maybe it was just one of those “hm, that looks interesting” moments that never manifested into me actually seeking out the book. Nevertheless, this book series has never sat on my TBR shelf.

#5: Turtles All the Way Down ~ John Green

Maybe I lied when I said it’d get better? Yeah, I never read Turtles All the Way Down.

Quite frankly, it was because I wasn’t sure if I was interested in reading it when it came out, and because this was a brand new release at the time, it would’ve been an expensive book to buy and end up not liking, so I decided to wait.

Nevertheless, I saw that A LOT of people enjoyed it. Looking back, it probably would’ve been worth buying just to welcome John Green back to the writing world and also be apart of the anticipation, but alas, I never did. I actually saw this book in one of the indie bookstores downtown from my college, so maybe…?

Alright, I’ll stop there because I’m sure the damage is done. Let me know if there are any popular books that you haven’t read before! (Or if you fear that you may get cancelled because of it, by all means, don’t do as I did). Until Sunday! ❤︎

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