2016 Reflection + 2017 Resolutions

As we welcomed the new year last night/this morning, I got to thinking about what 2016 has taught me and how it effects my 2017 resolutions.

What I got from 2016:

#1: Life is definitely not infinite, but death is not necessarily the end.

#2: Opportunities rise and fall. Take a chance.

#3: We make mistakes, but we learn from them too.

#4: Who you’re with either platonically or romantically matters. Pay attention to how they treat you and how you feel around them.

#5: Doing nice things for others really does improve your mood.

#6: Foreign languages are a w e s o m e.

#7: There are infinite things to learn, but one thing at a time.

#8: Satire definitely makes things easier to swallow.

#9: Being grateful for something everyday is a good way to start the day.

#10: Living and learning is the key to happiness.

What I hope to get from 2017:

#1: More opportunities + the courage to take a shot at them

#2: Inspiration to improve & experiment with my photography.

#3: Basic adulting skills.

#4: A job, a full license, passing AP test scores.

#5: A scholarship or two would be nice.

#6: An acceptance letter to the college I want to go to (which is still undecided.)

#7: More real life experience in the field I would like to go into. (Environmental science/ecology-based biology.)

#8: Challenges.

#9: A chance to see my love in the summer.

And #10: Anything else this year has to offer.

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