Bookish Haul: Barnes & Noble + Amazon

Hi everyone, *new tag on the blog: hauls! (Maybe this will become a monthly feature??) Anyway, I’m actually super excited to write this post & it’s kind of ridiculous. A few weeks ago I picked up four new books at both B&N and a small Amazon shipment. I also bought some bookish accessories so here’s what I got!

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Dreamland & the bookish accessories came from Amazon, while Dreamology, The Siren, & The F- it List I purchased from B&N.

What am I most excited about from this haul?

Well, for the bookish accessories definitely these two. I’m infatuated with anything involving wolves, and I’m an active collector of box signs. I needed new bookmarks because my pesky (but very lovable) dog Bobby unfortunately got to my last one before I did… rip the cute little tassel it had. As for box signs, I said this in my Lifestyle post from a few weeks back, but I like them because they make me happy and they’re a good wall space decoration. While I was ordering it though, it was really hard to choose between the box sign or a 12 oz coffee mug that said the same thing. (although it was a little more polite, because it said please go away, I’m reading. I thought it was cute… but maybe not as cute as this seal pup.)

As for the books…


Dreamology by Lucy Keating!

While The F-it List & Siren seem like they’ll be good reads, Dreamology is certainly at the top of this TBR list!

So I’ll end the post with a question: what’s on the top of your TBR list? Let me know! xx

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