April Book Challenge Final Week

Hi everyone! I’m so sorry for this being up three days late but I’ve been super busy and haven’t gotten around to writing this post until now. Anyway, here’s the last week of the April book challenge!

Day twenty five: Twirling pages

This day makes me happy because it’s the username of one of my favorite book bloggers! Check out her blog!

Day twenty six: A character that I can relate to the most

From the top of my head I can’t think of a character that while reading I’ve shouted something along the lines like “THAT’S ME!” so I’m not sure that I have a character that I can really relate to at this moment.

Day twenty seven: Book & sky

Book = The Lovers Dictionary ~ David Levithan

Day twenty eight: Book that made me cry

I’ll have a full review coming soon for this book but TALK ABOUT FEELS. THIS BOOK KILLS THEM.

Day twenty nine: Bigbook

I don’t own many big books because I typically stay with books that have 200-300 pages. I don’t consider those “big books”, but a big book I do want to read is Hex. I found this on Goodreads the other day, and although I don’t read much horror I can’t resist making this book an exception.

Day thirty: Book & me

This day has brought to my attention that I’ve never shown myself on my blog yet! Whaaaa? SO are you all ready?? Here’s me!

Hehe, hope I didn’t disappoint.

The book I’m holding is the first book to another one of my favorite childhood book series. /Seekers/and /Survivors/ by Erin Hunter are great series for children if you want to get their imagination spinning!

So that’s it! I successfully did a full month book challenge! Thanks for all my returning visitors checking up on the progress of my blog. I see you, I appreciate you ❤ Have a book blog of your own? Drop the link in my comments section so I can check it out! xx

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