Lifestyle: My Favorite Room Decor

Hello loves! This is my second lifestyle post on my blog surprisingly enough! Obviously my blog is run by spines and covers, but every so often there will be a few posts like this 🙂 To keep it nice and simple, these are my top 5 items in my room that I feel display me as a person. Some are DIYS, and I’ll link others!

#1: My box signs

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Links: Little things, Dance, Rain

Box signs are great in my opinion. Some are insightful and inspiring, and others are witty and inappropriate. These three I currently own make me happy because I wake up to the sight of them and they remind me to be positive. Everyone should have a piece in their living space that envokes positivity; do you? If so, leave a comment and tell me what it is! 🙂

#2: My dream catcher

this is pretty old so there’s no link to the exact one. Sorry!

Not only is this thing a great prop for photo shoots, I also believe it works! I can’t recall a night mare I’ve had recently or at all. Mostly because when I do dream it’s something completely random and I end up forgetting it. Nevertheless, I’ve owned this for about 3 years and I love it!

#3: Umbra Photo Display

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This was actually a Christmas present from my godmother and I love it 🙂 I had no idea she was going to get it for me either. We were just buying photo frames at an art store one day and I kinda noted how cute the design was, and wallah! I now own it and it holds my most memorable polaroids and movie stubs. Great gift!

#4:Minecraft wall section

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Links: Poster, wolf plush, pig keychain

Minecraft is actually a big part of my life. (Okay, that sounds totally nerdy, but hear me out.) I began playing Minecraft around August of 2013 after becomming familar with one of my still-tothis-day favorite Minecrafters, Vikkstar123HD on YouTube. Had I not found Minecraft, I wouldn’t have found my boyfriend of 8 months. (Yep, met him playing Minecraft….not ashamed. At all.)

It’s a blessing. I guess you could say Minecraft was like my boyfriend and I’s red notebook. (I’m still having emotional episodes from finishing D&L)

Annnndddd #5: My DIY canvas of memories

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Links: Canvas (mine is the 11×14), Cork & The washi tape is from Michaels as well.You can use any tape you desire.

This board was a random project I came up with a year back when I decided to get crafty. It’s essentially just a place I tack on random & memorable events, such as all the photobooth strips I’ve taken with friends, a signed card from the singer of Breaking Tempo when they performed at my high school, quotes, braceletes from friends, etc… Just a variety of things I found important enough to display.

So there you have it, five ofmy favorite things within my living space (: Do you have things you love in your room? Leave a comment and let me know! Until next post xx

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