April Book Challenge

Hello everyone, this month I am determined to actually finish a bookish challenge! I’m very excited because this lineup looks plausable so let’s get into it!

Made by @booksoffictionalworld on IG

April Book Challenge

1.April TBR

2.Pretty book cover

3.Book and flowers

4.Book I want to reread

5.Unread book

6.Favorite book author

7.Beautiful spines

8.Most loved character

9.#Currently reading

10.Favorite children book

11.One word book title

12.Ten bookish facts about me

13.Favorite male character

14.Newly purchased book

15.Best book to movie adaption

16.Favorite romance book

17.Book I can’t get through

18.Favorite ship

19.Recommend a book

20.Character that I dislike

21.Book and coffee

22.Random books

23.Favorite series

24.favorite female character

25.Twirling pages

26.A character who I can relate to the most

27.Book and sky

28.Book that made me cry

29.Big book

30.Book and me

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