August TBR

You don’t normally find TBRs on my blog. Ever. They’ve become rather redundant to me, a person that has developed a habit to rarely stick to set reading lists. However.

August is an exceptional month for two reasons. For one, I have multiple partnered posts coming up this month and early September that require me to have read certain books.

For two, I have had a lingering reading slump in 2020, and I’m determined to beat it.

So for August, we’re gonna set some books in stone. These are the books that will definitely get read within the next 31 days.

Ready? Go.

GROWN by Tiffany D. Jackson

RAYBEARER by Jordan Ifueko

SANCTUARY by Paola Mendoza and Abby Sher

And by the time those 3 books and 976 pages get read and reviewed, I may or may not have the capacity for one more book. So, here are a couple books I own and will eventually read, but August may or may not be their time. If I can get to one of these, on top of the above 3 reads, I’d be one happy bookish girl.

MOTHERHOOD SO WHITE by Nefertiti Austin

DON’T ASK ME WHERE I’M FROM by Jennifer De Leon


THE GRACE YEAR by Kim Ligget

Whether I get to any one of these optional reads or not, I’m putting into the universe right now that August will be a golden reading month.

Now pass it on!

10 thoughts on “August TBR

  1. Grace Year was amazing you should definitely pick it up if you get the chance. I look forward to your thoughts on Raybearer since it’s been on my radar for a while 💜

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  2. this tbr looks amazing and i am also so excited for Raybearer! there are soo many great fantasy books that are coming out this year, and i really love the cover. i hope your reading month is great because there are many amazing books coming out this month!

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