5 Books I'd Like to See As Movie Adaptations

Hey all! So this is a post idea I’ve had drafted since last month and I guess I just forgot about it somehow. Oops! Here are some books/book series that I’d love to pay money to see if they were ever brought to the big screen!

Summer of Supernovasby Darcy Woods

Summery vibes? Check.

Horoscope/astrology nerd? Check.

Wholesome yet complex family relationships? Check.

Love triangle? Check.

Cute contemporary YA personalities? Check.

This book would make an amazing movie adaptation. I’ve reread it twice since I read it the first time in 2016 and I just c a n n o t get over how jovial I feel after I read it. Even though it does have moments that irritated me, I still think that this is definitely one of my most recommended YA books. It’d be really cool to visually see the relationship Wil has with her grandmother, as well as be bemused by the way the love triangle plays out. 10/10 would see this as a cute summer movie.

Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares / The Twelve Days of Dash & Lily

by Rachel Cohn&David Levithan

These books would make t h e c u t e s t holiday movie! There are only a few books that I try to read seasonally and this duology is definitely one of them. I know to some people the Christmas scene in New York is either way too hectic to even enjoy or way too mainstream to even be interesting, but I’d personally love to see these books become a movie adaptation. I’m all for starry eyes, cute relationships, adventure, and snow.

Radio Silence by Alice Oseman

This book would make a great movie for a lot of reasons. A) it’s not a love story (for people who are not onboard for that), B) there’s a great representation of the normalcy of every day life which I enjoyed and could be depicted nicely in a movie. C) Movie ft. cool, underground, monstrous podcast episodes? Sign me up! If this book became a movie, it’d probably become the type I’d watch as a pick-me-up for bad days because it’s generally a feel-good book.

Catcher by Kalyn Nicholson

10/10 would see this movie. It’s futuristic, quirky, plot twisty, and is an opportunity to creatively depict what technology could look like in an alternative universe. Plus, Carson and Grey are a new OTP of mine. I can’t wait for the second book of this series.

Unsaid by Neil Abramson

I know, I know, I just reviewed this book on Sunday and here I am writing about it again, but I would 100% LOVE to see this book as a movie. As I said in my review, Helena narrating the story from the afterlife gave this book insights that other characters were not aware of, and visually, those could make for some pretty intense flashbacks which I’d be onboard for. Unfortunately, this isn’t a “yay happy ending!” book, so I’m not sure how it as a movie would be received. Nevertheless, I’d gladly be a paying customer even if I cry all over again.

There are 5 books I’d gladly empty my wallet to see if they were ever made into movies. What are your top five book nominations for movie adaptations?

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