2018 Reflection + 2019 Resolutions

Hi everyone! First of all: 2 posts back-to-back! I’m congratulating myself on that one. Second of all: we are approximately 7 hours away from 2019 by the time this post goes live! Let’s all just take a moment to breathe and celebrate ourselves for making it another trip around the sun. And even if you’ve made it to December 31st and you’re feeling like 2018 hasn’t been all the great to you, I’ve posted some feel-good quotes on my instagram if you need a pick-me-up. If this resonates with you, just know you’ll be okay, and that life is not a race, so go at your own pace ❤︎

With that being said, here’s what me a year ago wanted to get out of 2018 (from my 2017 reflection and 2018 resolutions blog post):

Shall we recap?

#1: “Walk. That. Stage.” AKA: graduate high school.
Although there was never a worry that I wouldn’t graduate, 2017 me was very excited to be entering her very last year of high school. With junior year behind me and what felt like the cusp of the rest of my life in front of me, she was ecstatic. And even now, 7 months later, I’m still ecstatic that I did it!

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#2: Pass my AP tests. Well 2017 me, I’m happy to say that you outdid yourself:

I still fangirl about my scores to this day tbh. Anyway, moving on.

#3: Get my full driver’s license. Well, here’s an example of something that I did not outdo myself on in 2018. However! However: I did get my permit. Driver’s license coming summer 2019. HOLD ME TO IT.

#4: Goodreads challenge of +/-15 books. You all would know if you read my bookish 2018 reflection post from yesterday that I did in fact complete my 15 book reading challenge!

#5: Spend time with people I love. This isn’t something that can be measured really, but I do have some good memories with good people from 2018. Thank you all ❤

#6: Keep up with your planner. I’d call this one a half win half lose. There was about a 2 week interlude in June this year because I just had absolutely nothing interesting going on. There was also an interlude for the month of December because I’ve been on winter break and I haven’t done anything super eventful. Nevertheless, if I had to make a verdict I’d say I did pretty well. I’m really excited to start my 2019 planner as well!

#7: Experiment with a new hobby. Good thing a delete button exists on my keyboard–I almost said that I didn’t complete this goal! But that’s wrong–I totally did! This isn’t something that I talk about frequently just because I feel like it’s kind of an intimate thing that I keep to myself, but I began doing yoga this year! I joined a 30 day challenge in January 2017, totally fell in love with it, and have been practicing ever since! Despite the interruption to my pattern when college started, I still find my way to my mat when I have the chance. I’m doing another 30 day challenge this year too! It’s called #YWADedicate, if you’re curious.

Annnnd #8: Have as much fun as you can and live in the present. This is another one that I feel is not exactly measurable, but I can say in retrospect that while I did indeed have a lot of fun this year and experienced new things in the present, I also spent a lot of time worrying about things in the future. Which is a great segway for the next part of this post which is…

My 2019 resolutions

For 2019, I want to switch it up a bit. Instead of writing a lengthy list of things I want to accomplish in the next 365 days, I want to write only a few that fall under two quotes that I have decided will be my theme for the new year.

Theme #1:“the only way out is through.”

Work on what you must diligently, and when challenge or hardship arise, remember that there is no running away from it. Therefore, the only way out of the challenge is to work through the challenge.

⟶ Be kinder to yourself when you are struggling. Whether it’s balancing math and chemistry next term in school that your current self is worrying about, or something totally unexpected. Step back, breathe, and come back when you’re ready. But stop getting so mad at yourself for not being perfect.

Related: Find balance in work and play.

Theme #2: “I trust the universe, I trust myself, I trust the timing

of my life.”

I have to take a moment right here and say that this quote hit me so hard when I first heard it. I got it from a YouTube video I watched (and for the life of me I cannot find), and it was an instantaneous jaw-drop moment. I say this because trusting myself to be capable of things and trusting that everything will fall into place somehow is such a giant struggle for me. So, to go under this theme, the other 2019 resolution I have is to:

Trust yourself.

Whew, okay! So those are my overarching goals of the new year. But to end this post, I do have a few more general things that I’d like to accomplish in 2019. Those are:

Cierra… get your license. Pls. (SUMMER 2019!)

Experiment with calligraphy/hand lettering (as a new hobby?? Maybe?)

And lastly:

Blog more and take photos more. AKA: remember your passions and remember that they are just as deserving of your time as your school work (see: find balance in work and play)

Alright, well there it is! My 2018 recap and the first post with the 2019 hashtag on the blog! Thank you so much who has followed me and encouraged me throughout the year, and may your 2019 be abundant.

See you next year! -Cc ❤︎

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