Life Update: 1 Year Vegan Anniversary, College Decisions, & Nearing Graduation!

Hi everyone! I honestly wanted to make these lifestyle topics separate posts, but I decided it would just be better to mash them into one post to be a symbol of what my life has been like for the last month. So let’s get into this shall we?

1 Year Vegan Anniversary!

Honestly I knew this day was coming as I glanced at my calendar nearing the end of April, but I was just so caught up on what I wanted to say. I wanted to make a comprehensive list of the things I’ve learned since I made this big change in my life on May1st, 2017, but no articulate explanations would come forward. I still don’t know how to accurately explain my passion for veganism, so I’m going to keep this very short and sweet: this has been the best change I have ever made to date. Not only do I not struggle with being sick all the time as I did before I went vegan (granted, I am sick now for the first time of 2018), but I feel better! No more internal discomfort about my actions and morals not being aligned, and no more wondering if I would be able to “give up” animal products. I did it. And I’m never looking back. If there is one thing that I have learned from a year of veganism definitely, it’s this: the sacrifice you think you’re making when you’re “giving up” the foods you’re used to is nothing once you see the bigger picture. I promise, I don’t regret or miss anything.

Final College Decision:#OSU2022!

Me & Benny the Beaver

So although this has already been announced and known by most people at this point, for those of you who don’t know: I’ve decided to join the infamous rivalry between the Oregon Ducks and the Oregon Beavers, and I’m #teambeavs! It’s funny because my heart was so elated when I stepped on OSU’s campus, and for some reason I was fighting it. I felt as if I wasn’t allowed to make that “this is the one” gut feeling yet, because I still had UC Davis as an option at the time, and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t being a crazy girl for turning down a UC school. But when I went to visit UCD, it didn’t feel the same way OSU felt. I felt like if I chose UCD I’d be choosing it simply to be able to say in the future that I graduated from a UC. But then I remembered that my happiness comes first, and if my family’s money is going towards a school, it better be a school that I can be proud of and excited about attending. So, OSU it is! I will be taking one more trip before the final one in July to register for my classes, and I’m so so so excited to visit again! (Note to self: get a picture in front of the sign this time!)

How I’m feeling about being close to the end of my high school career

One word: bittersweet. I love the fact that I’m so close to being able to take a temporary step away from school responsibilities and prioritize feeding my soul interests this summer, but at the same time I’m freaking out because wow, this is about to be it?? I’m going to walk May 30th?? I remember walking into the gates of my high school freshman year, going to the gym to get my schedule, and feeling nervous as can be. I remember feeling like I’d never get my bearings at a school I considered so big (!) compared to the tiny, home-like campus that was my middle school. But now, four years later, I find myself crossing the grass at passing period from 3rd to 4th feeling sad that I only have three short weeks left to call PHS my high school. It’s incredible and nerve wracking that I’m about to end one chapter of my life and begin the next, but I guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles. Nevertheless, I’m ready!

Quick life update! I’m also hoping to get a review for The Memory Book by Lara Avery up here soon, because I swore on Goodreads I would, and I want to stick by it! Thanks for reading!

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