Some Updates

Hi everyone! As you may have noticed, I’ve been M.I.A. since practically the beginning of this year! Well, first of all, I’m sorry! BUT, there’s good reason! (Well, unfortunate reason, but good as in justifiable. Anyway.)

My laptop decided to die. Along with my laptop has went every. single. picture. I’ve ever taken since probablllyyyy 2014.

You guessed it, I’m upset.

My laptop is currently being repaired (if repairable,) but all of my files are most likely gone at this point. It SUCKS. The thing that sucks even more about my laptop dying though is the fact that I currently have no reliable photo editor at home! I mean, I technicallyyy could use an online one such as Picmokey or PhotoBucket or something, but it just isn’t the same creative freedom that Photoshop/Lightroom allows. However, I’ve decided to not let this lack of Adobe products stop me from blogging and posting, etc!

I currently have a review for P.S. I Still Love You that is almost complete (even though I started writing it back in March. Oops.) THAT WILL BE UP SOON!

Thank you all, if you’re still reading my blog. And again, sorry for the random hiatus!

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