5 Tips for Taking Book Review Notes

Hi everybody! SO sorry for my absence on the blog lately. June has been a crazy month for me with all the events I attended, etc etc. Today though, instead of doing a book review I’ll be doing something along the lines of a bookish tip! Without further rambling, here are some ideas on taking notes while reading a book!

#1: Inspiring/relevant quotes

Like in my reviews, I always try to have around 2-3 quotes that I feel show off the book’s strong points. It shows that one paid attention to the reading and was interested enough to jot down stuff about it. Personally, I choose to jot quotes on sticky notes and stick them on the page I found the quote so I know what and where it is.

If you’re feeling uninspired about taking notes, maybe taking them in a cute notebook or on nice sticky notes can lift the weight! I actually just picked up this cute book of sticky notes from a store called Claire’s for $5 and I can’t wait to write in it!

#2: Key events in the plot or things you’ll want to remember

I have had countless times where I’m writing a review and something pops into my brain and I go: “Oh oh!! That’s so important I need to include that…..but wait. Where did it happen at again?” And that is the story of how I lose key points. All the time.

#3: Things that intrigued you/spiked your curiosity

If you’re reading a passage and you’re not sure if what you’re reading will be important or not later, WRITE IT ANYWAY! Trust me, there’s a 50/50 chance you will be and in the case you are right you’ll be able to celebrate your ability to predict the future!

#4: Flaws in the plot or characters

Okay so I’m all for negative reviews/discussions of the negative sides of books. And I believe that if there’s something that truly irked you enough to make you feel the need to jot it down to complain about it later, it’s 100% relevant and you should!

And lastly, #5: Random thoughts/questions

Basically anything that didn’t make it on this list that you still feel you should include in your notes just in case, here’s the space to do so!

So there we go! If you have any other tips for writing notes be sure to leave them in the comments! Until next time! xx

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