April Book Challenge Week Two

Hi everyone! This is week numero dos of the April book challenge made by @booksoffictionalworld on IG, let’s go!

Day ten: favorite children’s book

My favorite book as a child, more in retrospect than actual time, is this book that a friend of my Godmom’s actually made me! It’s super cool because she did all the illustrations, and the storyline is so cute! I’ll never stop appreciating how some people were and still are super caring for me even if I didn’t understand why I should’ve been appreciative at the time.

Day eleven: one word book title

I actually lucked out with this day because, currently, Speak is the only one word book I own! It’s so hard to make a catchy one word title, like how do you do that?? I suppose it’s from the help of the amazing cover on this book. That’s how!

Day twelve: 10 bookish facts about me

First thought when I saw this on the lineup in this challenge: ahhh! This is gonna be fun!

Fact #1: I’m afraid of buying books that I thought I’d enjoy, and then not actually end up enjoying them and or finishing them because they’re that bad.

Fact #2: to avoid my first fact, I tend to check if Goodreads has a preview of the book and I’ll read through that. If I can’t even finish the preview, it’s a no go. However, sometimes I’m still on the fence after a preview, so I read through 2-3 thought out reviews and that finalizes my decision.

Fact #3: I don’t books that are every color of the rainbow! D: I’m working on getting my hands on a red, purple, and yellow book.

Fact #4: I’m really active on Bookstagram. I mean like, how can I not be? I follow amazing people who have literal shelf goals. *heart eyes*

Fact #5: I’m still trying to figure out Goodreads in an entirety. The platform is full of neat things that I didn’t even know were possible! So if you have me on there and I do something a bit odd, just let me learn… lol ^-^

Fact #6: I got lost in Goodreads for literally a few hours earlier today (yes the current day I’m posting this!) Seriously, I need to avoid the contemporary genre because I stumbled upon that and added like 5 books to my TBR shelf!

Fact #7: I feel awkward when I go outside and take pictures of books. Do you? Let me know! People stare at me like >.> and I’m kinda over here like ._. move along.

Fact #8: I really want to improve my monthly read count. Seriously, some people read like 5-10 books in a month and I’m over here like April: 1/2

Fact #9: My favorite genres are contemporary YA, lgbtq+, and slowly…ever so slowly… dystopia is worming its way into my heart. Slowly.

Fact #10: I had fun doing this tag now let’s continue!

Day thirteen: Favorite male character

Sigh, favorite male character… it’s a hard question to answer. I unintentionally read books that are like 98% girls so I only have a few characters to pick from. Currently I guess I’d still have to go with Dash from Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares because his a really 3D character that I connected with.

Day fourteen: newly purchased book

Although purchased last month along with Wink Poppy Midnight, this is the newest book I own. BUT! I ordered Dreamland by Robert L. Anderson (further evidence that dystopian/sci-fi is worming its way in)

Day fifteen: best book to movie adaption

Enough said?

Day sixteen: favorite romance book

Okay. forgive me for saying this, but the romance genre confuses me. Like, what is considered romance anymore? I want to say The Fault In Our Stars but that’s contemporary YA, so can it count as both? (Someone please answer this on my comment section!)

And to conclude this week, day seventeen: book I can’t get through

I’m so sad to say that this is true. I really thought this book would be some light-hearted high school drama but so far it just isn’t what I expected. I actually took it out of my month’s TBR and replaced it with Love Letters to the Dead because I know I’ll at least make progress with that book. This might be my living fear of fact #1 in the 10 bookish facts about me :c

Well that’s it for this week! I’ll try to have a review out in between now and next week’s challenge, just to add some variety to my blog instead of letting the challenge spam it this month. Thank you for reading! xx

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