Top 5 Bath & Body Works Products

Hey guys, new post from me! So this is my first post of the new year (I know, I know, I’m late,) but I still hope you guys had an awesome coming in to the new year and you’re still sticking to your resolutions! (Or at least some of them 😉 Today I’ll be sharing with you guys my top 5 favorite B&BW products.I actually got this idea for a blog post because yesterday night I was debating which set to shower with. (The process of choosing what to smell like is hard okay.) And I decided I should let you all in on the struggle. So enough of my rambling, here we go! Nota: There’s not literally five items, some are in sets (shower gel, lotion & spray) and others are just lotions, etc.

#1: Cozy Sunday Morning

Of course I had to add just a little bit of bookish ;)

The lotion and the shower gel is all you need with this set. Cozy Sunday Morning literally makes you feel cozy and Soo relaxed. It’s a great set to shower and lotion with, and, like it says on the back, curl up and read a book! In this case I was reading P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han (which I’m working on finishing for the month’s reads!)

#2: Forever Red

You can never go wrong with thowing on some Forever Red. However it is a signature set, so I try not to go over board. Gotta save the best for special occasions. The thing I love the most about this set is the designs on the products. Oh. my. gosh. The bow on the spray looks classy, and I love the double exposure on the lotion bottle. The unique shape of the shower gel bottle makes it stand out as well. If Cozy Sunday Morning wasn’t so relaxing, this would definitely be my fave.

#3 Frosted Winter Woods

At the time I was considering this set, I at first thought it smelled a little too fruity to be christmasy. But after a few comparrisons to other christmasy sets B&BW had to offer, I definitely figured this one is closest to Christmas that I could have gotten. I don’t use it as much because I was mostly using it at Christmas time, but it still smells awesome. I love the vibrant green color and the snowflake designs. It’s a really strong scent though, so if you buy it make sure not to over do it.

#4:Wrapped In Comfort

This is actually the only part of this set I own unfortunately, but it’s still an amazing frangrance. If you noticed, the design is a lot like Cozy Sunday Morning and it’s because these two were actually limited edition. This is another really relaxing scent, and the lotion does make you feel like you’re wrapped in comfort. I really wish I had the money at the time to pick up the shower gel as well, because this would be a great set to shower with in the morning.

And lastly, #5: Noir, men’s hand sanitizer

I’m guilty as charged. The men’s line in B&BW smells like heaven. It was amusing to me of how many people in line gave me a look when I decided to purchase this one. It’s even more amusing because here’s the thing: I don’t care. It was a debate between this one and another sanitizer called Ocean I believe? But either way, this one reminds me of the woods and I love the smell of nature, which is how I decided.

Thank you for reading all the way to this post! Hope you enjoyed the pictures and the reviews. Also, sorry if this gif hurts your eyes. Stay tuned, there should be one or two most posts this month! Until then ❤

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