🍂 Blogtober Week Four 🍂

We have made it to the final week of my version of blogtober! Thanks for all who have interacted with these posts. Shall we?

Blogtober is a blog series hosted by Anniek from Anniek’s Library and Hâf from The Library Looter. Hover over their names to check out their blogs!

Since I’m doing this version of blogtober, I will not be writing an entire book review for this prompt! Instead, I’ll just answer by saying my most recent book review on the blog is Girl of the Nevda by Phoebe Ritter!

If you’ve been along for this blogtober journey, you’d know I’m a big baby about scary things in books. The only thriller book I’ve read is Take Me to the Cat by Bryant Loney!

…Get ready to be mad…

*Inhales* I never read Harry Potter as a kid and therefore I know none of the spells.

So… yeah. BUT, I Googled them to be able to answer this prompt. My favorites are Geminio (duplication could be useful!), Legilimens (access to a person’s mind/memories would be such an eerie ability), Wingardium Leviosa (levitation), and Rictusempra (tickling someone)!

There is a rumor that a dorm on the West side of my college campus is haunted! I remember wanting to live in that particular dorm SO BAD when I was touring my college spring before freshman year. (I’m glad I didn’t get placed there now! 👻)

The other day in biology I was talking to one of my group mates about how it’s been a few years since I truly went out and did anything for halloween. She replied to me by saying, “the best thing you can do on halloween is go to the store, buy a giant bag of halloween candy on discount, and go home and watch a movie and eat the entire bag.”

…So in other words, my halloween plans consist of exactly that.

Out of the three books I have completed so far this month, my favorite has been The Garden on Sparrow Street by Tilly Tennant!

My wrap-up post for October will be up on Monday November 3rd!

So there we have it! My version of blogtober ends here. Again, thank you for interacting with these posts because it’s been a lot of fun to answer these prompts!

And of course, thanks to Anniek and Hâf for hosting! As they are doing the challenge daily (as it should be done), head on over to their blogs to see their responses for the rest of October!

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