2015 Reflection ✨

Hellooo everyone, yay to a new post! Today I’ll be doing my year reflection as you may have seen other people doing. I figured why not?

2015 hasn’t been the greatest year to me 😦

Indeed, with my grandma being terminally sick and the loss of friends I thought I’d have forever…it’s been tough. But, I won’t let that stop me from pointing out the good things that 2015 has brought me:

-I found love!

-I’ve travelled to 2 new states this year.

-I still have 4 awesome best friends.

-I’ve had a lot of wake up calls this year

-This year is the last year of no responsibility for me, as I turn 16 in July.

-I gave presents on Christmas! 🎁 (I’m usually the person that just sticks their name on the to/from cards, so I’m proud of that!)

-2015 blessed me with a new pup in my fur family 🙂

-I kept all my animals alive another year

-I’ve maintained a 3.8 GPA all school year so far

-And, of course, I’ve read a lot more compared to 2014 ✨

🔮What I hope 2016 will bring🔮

-A miracle for my grandma/family.

-More motivation! 👊

-An introduction to the professional world/my first job

-A chance to see my love this summer 💕

-A good AP world history test grade

-A chance to break away from negative habits

So yeah, nothing fancy, just a reflection and a few hopes I have for the new year 🙂 I’ll try to get a few more posts out before the school year starts back up, so look out for them!! Until then loves ❤

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