Welcome to My Blog! ✴︎

Hello audience I haven’t gotten to know yet, welcome to my blog, Cierra’s Cynosure.

I’ve never sucessfully had a blog before, so I’m really hoping this one breaks the chain. Yay for trying something new! *Pats self on back*. I can already tell the one thing I will struggle with: how many emojis & gifs to use in one post. I’m already tempted to insert another gif right about now… or maybe I’ll save it for a more relevant time. Keyword: maybe.

My about me page tells a brief summary of my overall being, but I suppose I should be a lil’ more detailed in my first post? Yay? Nay? Happening anyway, oops.

My name’s Cierra Dawson- known as Cc or C by most. I struggle with simple consepts sometimes, and I’m a huge cluts (I seriously say ow about a billion times a day.) I have an undying passion for animals, nature, and photography. All in which is why I aspire to be a wildlife/marine biologist; or a forester. I really love being outdoors with the natural environment, and photography hugely comes into play. A career satisfying to both my passions, hurray!

(There’s the next gif hehe)

My favorite animals are any kind of rodent, literally. I own 1 hamster and 2 guinea pigs and people tell me it suites me. I suppose that’s a good thing? (It definitely is.) My favorite wild animals are wolves of any kind & all the big cats. I want a wolf tattoo someday, despite my mother’s constant theory of it some day being a regret. (Rebel life!)

Finally, the one wild animal I absolutely cannot stand are sloths. They are freaking terrifying!! I mean c’mon, would you want this in your room at night?

(Didn’t think so.)

More about my blog: what am I going to be posting?

I mostly plan to post the following:

✧ Lifestyle things (fashion, food, etc.)

✧Bookish things! (I’ve recently discovered my bibliophilic ways hehe)

✧DIYs (If I’m feelin’ craftsy)

✧HONEST product reviews (sponsored or not)

✧Random! See where this takes me!

How my tags will work:

I will try to tag all my posts within the month as -monthname- posts. For example: It’s December, all my posts this month will be tagged as decemberposts. And then next month-Januaryposts, etc. They will also be tagged according to what type of post it is. Another example: If it’s a book review, it’ll probably be tagged something generic like bookreview or review#whatever.

Did I miss anything?

If so, send me an email! The form is in my contact me page and I’ll get to your message quicker than Speedy Gonzales himself!

(Alright, maybe not this fast- but fast!)

Thank you for giving me the time of day, I hope you stick around and help me develop the blog together! ❤︎

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